August 11, 2022

Vision Boards

Dream it. Build it. Believe it. Live it.

“By taking the time to really sit and ponder what my ultimate goals are, I was able to get a clearer vision as to where I want to spend my time creating the life I want. I can’t wait to attend the next class to continue to explore my dreams.”

Chrissy (Women’s Health Physical Therapist)

A vision board is more than a collage of images. Also called a dream board, a vision board is an effective tool to help you clarify and stay focused on a life you love and desire.

According to Joyce Schwartz, best-selling author of The Vision Board, this tool for making dreams into reality has been used since the Cave Man era.

vision boardSo ask yourself, would you like to:

  • create clear goals and dreams?
  • tap into your potential more often?
  • wake up with authentic intentions?
  • be more productive?
  • have a better focus on what is important to you in life?
  • increase your chances of success?

If you answered yes to any of the above statements, you are ready to dream, build, believe, and start living it!

I have created a powerful tool to support your vision board creation. Ask yourself these powerful questions before beginning so you can:

  • Figure out your goals and priorities
  • Reveal the why behind your goal
  • Become aware of what is stopping you from achieving your goal

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“This workshop was amazing. I knew I needed a structured workshop to be effective in creating a vision board. Michelle has a knack for pulling out people’s deepest desires and teaching them how to manifest them!”

Adrienne (Mental Health Counselor in training)

Do vision boards work?

Yes! And there is science to back it up. Our magnificent brains filter our thoughts to keep the important ones in the forefront of our minds! We have approximately 60,000 incoming thoughts a day, so we can make our goals important by focusing on what we what to achieve. Then the “magic” begins! We notice opportunities that will move us toward our goal thanks to a group of filtering neurons in our brain. The law of attraction states that like attracts like…and the brain fuels the attraction!

What if I don’t know what I want to put on my board?

Did you know that less than 3% of the population have a goal, and less than 1% have goals written down? Our workshops include powerful exercises designed to help you tap into your imagination where your goal begins.

How often do I need to create a vision board?

How often is a personal decision based on where your board takes you. I recommend updating it every 6 to 12 months, as your desires evolve into bigger and better things. If you are consistently following the suggested use of your board, you will want to create new ones.

Why do vision boards sometimes not work?

In our workshops, you learn the techniques that have been proven to work.  But sometimes you can get stuck in habitual thought patterns, or put something on your board that you don’t believe you could achieve or deserve to have. Occasionally, after you spend time creating your board, you put it away – out of sight, out of mind. Consistently using the tools you learn in workshops will increase your success!

Did you know there is a National Vision Board Day?

Yes, it is the second Saturday in January. It is fitting for the people who love making New Year’s resolutions. But let’s be honest, creating a vision board doesn’t have an assigned date!


“Michelle’s class covered a wide range of relevant informative and useful content. As a result, I developed new ideas, and she helped me focus on what was important. Michelle created a fun and relaxing environment!”

Kristine (Artist)