Beyond Therapy focuses on improving the fitness of older adults through personalized fitness with in-home services to improve:

Covid-19 safety protocol observed: I will wear a mask, wash hands, and sanitize before, during, and after session. Please cancel session if you have a fever or unknown cough or have been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19.

Get Active

When you exercise and move regularly, you will strengthen & improve your:

  • Heart, lungs, bones, & muscles (more)
  • Cognitive functioning, mental health & mood (more)
  • Independent living skills (more)
  • General well-being (more)
Stay Active

Exercise and physical activity for older people are important parts of healthy aging. They help reduce:

  • Risk of cardiovascular disease (more)
  • Risk of falls/broken bones (more)
  • Risk of Type 2 Diabetes (more)
  • Risk of some cancers (more)
  • Chronic joint pain (more)
  • Stress levels (more)
Stay Determined

Beyond Therapy can visit you in your home to help you integrate exercises and physical activity:

  • Flexibility, balance & gait training (more)
  • Endurance exercises (more)
  • Passive, hands-on exercises (more)
  • Resistive exercises (more)
  • Walking programs (more)
  • Cognitive health training and mental health recovery (more)
  • And more (more)