August 18, 2022

Are you an introvert?

Are you an introvert?

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Are you familiar with the terms introvert and extrovert personality traits? Did you have to take the Myers-Briggs assessment for work or school?

When I did, I didn’t pay much attention to the results at the time. But I am happy and grateful to take the time now to investigate what those traits mean. As I learn more about myself as an introvert, I have discovered ways to guide other introverts to an empowered life, one with no labels.

  • I used to think that I was not smart because I only heard about others’ accomplishments and not my own. I never felt a need to take the spotlight. I used to think that I was shy because so many people would comment that I was quiet. But most of the time, I was enjoying listening to and observing what was happening around me.
  • I used to think my ideas were unimportant because it would take me time to formulate what I wanted to say in a conversation, and by the time I did, the topic would pass. I have always known that I have great ideas, but most remained in my head. I used to think that I couldn’t help others because I processed information differently, more slowly than others. Some call it over-thinking or lack of confidence in what I wanted. But there is a physiological reason behind introverts’ thought processes.
  • I used to think I couldn’t be successful in a world where you need to be all over social media, networking, and holding mastermind classes. While I enjoy putting out social media content, socializing with small groups, and teaching, I realize that I need to plan my day to allow downtime as well

What I’ve learned about introverts:

  • We have a powerful imagination – imagine using it deliberately to create the life you want!
  • We love our solitude – it helps you process information with focus so you know what you want out of life.
  • We have a powerful, analytical mind – it creates visions, ideas, and goals.
  • We are natural problem solvers – we understand how to shift and re-assess our goals.
  • We are insightful and deep thinkers who can change worlds.

Is this you? Can you relate?

Not sure if you are an introvert? Take this simple true-or-false quiz. There are no wrong answers! Answer based on which option most often applies to you.

Then reach out. I understand your struggles and I’d love to help you reach your goals!